The Soundable IOS App is being retired

We have had so much fun playing this game with you over the past 8 years! Your games have helped tune our phonetic dictionary and have made the LessonPix Soundfinder and Tactus Therapy apps better than ever—Thank you!

This game has been generously hosted by LessonPix.com and Tactus Therapy Solutions at no cost (and with no ads) and we’re so happy to have helped provide a tool that not only provides a fun game, but also helps teach the IPA at universities around the world.

However, given the recent changes to Apple’s Terms of Service and the ongoing maintenance requirements, we simply can’t continue to support this app on the IOS platform going forward. Therefore, at the end of February 2022, we will be pulling Soundable from the App Store. The game will continue to work for some time after that without updates, however, we expect to permanently disable the servers sometime in April 2022.

What comes next?

At this time, there is no plan to continue Soundable on either the Apple or Android platforms. However, there is a possibility of re-launching the game as a web-app for anyone to play via their browser (similar to how Wordle works). There are also discussions about other games that could be created using the same phonetic dictionary in the same manner. However, these discussions are preliminary and will certainly not be completed before the app is discontinued.

Your input is extremely valuable here! If you are interested in an online version of Soundable or if you have ideas on how it could support your work teaching your students, please let us know at support@soundablegame.com. You can also just reply to this message: we will read your replies and consider them!

For our most loyal and fervent players, please know that we are as heart-broken as you are about this decision: it hasn’t been made lightly. We’ve poured years of development and support into this effort and we have gained so much from the journey. But this particular chapter has run its course, and we have to acknowledge that and move forward.

We hope to find a way to continue the Soundable story in the future and wish you all the best.

Your Friends at Soundable