What Is Soundable?

What Is Soundable?

A Word Game For People That Can’t Spell

Soundable is a fun, social crossword game with a twist…. you use SOUNDS to build words instead of letters!

“WORDS” becomes “W-ER-D-Z” when you play with the 41 different sounds in North American English. No need to be a good speller to play this game!


Learn IPA Or Use Phonics

Soundable makes learning the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) fun for students & professionals in Speech-Language Pathology. It’s also perfect for students of linguistics, phonetics, speech disorders, or English as well as people generally interested in language.

If you or your friends don’t want to play in IPA, you can easily switch to using Phonics to see the sounds using an alphabetic representation. Either way, it’s still battle of the ear and after you learn a few simple conventions, you’ll both be building words with ease.


Not Sure? Look It Up!

Look up words in the dictionary before you play, and appeal words you think should be in the dictionary. Your opponent will get to decide if your sounds make a valid word. Successful appeals will be reviewed regularly and added to the dictionary, so the more you play, the better the dictionary gets!


Chat With Friends

Comment on your opponent’s moves or boast about your own brilliance — all in real time using the standard QWERTY or new IPA keyboard.

You can also join the discussion on the Facebook Soundable User Group.

What else?

  • Login and play against Facebook Friends
  • Challenge random opponents
  • Appeal any words that you think are valid but not in our database – especially useful for handling words in your specific accent
  • Opponent can accept or reject any appeals you make
  • Play a full game or race to 200 points
  • Touch any letter to hear the sound
  • Get optional notifications when it’s your turn
  • Have as many games going on at the same time as you can handle
  • All the features of your favorite other words games e.g. shuffle, pass, swap tiles etc.
  • Plus more!


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